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Link Building

02 Feb 11

Link building is the most fundamental, effective way of increasing website popularity. Through the eyes of search engine spiders, links that point to your site are interpreted as votes of approval to your website and content. Links that can be sourced from a site with related content to yours also has a higher impact on your website ranking.

A rule of thumb is to always get links from trustworthy sites. Links from spammy sites are given a negative, zero or very little value in terms of raising your website profile.

Make sure that link building is given high priority when conducting SEO on your website.

Link Building Tips

  1. Creating unique quality content, whether it be humourous, controversial, ground breaking, etc., would naturally generate interest from other people enough that they promote your link and disseminate it to others by linking, social media or email. This by far is the most effective way of promoting your website. If the content of website original and has some sort of value, then youíre on the right track.
  2. Another effective way of gaining backlinks is by trawling through the thousands of web directories and submitting your site manually, whether it be free or paid submission. Be selective when submitting your site though and make sure that you submit to the right category so youíre gaining relevant backlink. Some sites are also spammy and itís a good idea to stay away from them.
  3. Although not regarded as having significant impact when it comes to promoting your website, leaving comments in blog sites and/or participating in relevant forums are also effective ways of gaining backlinks.
  4. Get close business partners or customers to link to you. This will allow you to quickly gain popularity "votes" via backlinks to quickly promote your website in the world wide web.

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