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Putting it All Together With Google Analytics

15 May 11

Google Analytics is a powerful yet easy-to-use and flexible tool that will allow you to analyze your website traffic data effectively. Itís a great way to measure the success of your website tweaks since the reports provided are extensive and insightful. Best of all the service is free!

Here are some reports available through Google Analytics:

  • Visits - Total number of unique visits.
  • Pageviews - Total number of pageviews (hits).
  • Pages/Visit - Average number of unique pages viewed per visit.
  • Bounce Rate - The percentage of single-page visits in which the person left your site from the entrance (landing) page.
  • Avg. Time on Site - The average time a user spends on your site per unique visit.
  • New Visits - The percentage of new visits.
  • Visitors - The total number of unique visitors.
  • Map Overlay - Heat map of where your visitors came from.
  • Content Overview - Lists the total pageviews and pageview% for pages visited.
  • Traffic Sources - Where your visits came from.

Each report can be dissected and viewed on a lower level, for example, you can drill down on the "Visitors" report and segment it even further. Visitor segmentation by languages, network locations, browsers, operating systems, screen colors, screen resolutions, java support, flash, plus much more are available through this tool.

The sky seems to be the limit with this tool. Iíve been using this tool for over a year now and found it invaluable when it comes to planning SEO campaigns for my website. I highly recommend it.

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