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SEO Doníts

07 Apr 11

Avoid Keyword Stuffing

Use keywords intelligently, and avoid stuffing your web pages with relevant keywords in an effort to rank highly for that term. Contruct your content with people in mind and not artificial search algorithms. Search engine programs are so sophisticated these days that keyword repetitions actually degrade the value of your website because it is viewed as "spam".

Donít Use "Cloaking" Techniques

"Cloaking" is the practice of presenting varying contents to search engine crawlers and ordinary visitors when the same page is accessed. The rule of thumb is, if you have to cloak, make sure itís not done to deceive or mislead. Itís the right thing to do in some cases. Check out the following article on White Hat Cloaking.

Avoid Backlinks From Low Quality Websites

Not all links are created equal. Always get your links from quality websites that has content related to your websiteís theme. Backlinks coming from low quality websites can actually degrade your websiteís rank. Make sure you double check a websiteís quality before you even consider associating your site with it.

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