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SEO Quick Tips

21 Aug 10

A successful website needs to be found in organic result pages of search engines for a given search term. This chapter covers some quick handy tips that will give your website the best possible chance of appearing on the first page of the SERPs for your targetted search term.

  • Ensure that each web page has relevant title, meta description and keywords in the header. To check your web page title, meta description and keywords, use our Web Page Title, META Description and Keywords Checker tool.
  • Keep your webpage size as small as possible. Pages with no images should be less than 150 KB in size. To check your web page size, use our Web Page Size Checker tool.
  • Every page on your website should be accessible by at least one static text link.
  • If you want text on your website to be indexed, donít put it in an image. It may look good, but search engines wonít understand it.
  • Write your content with human readers in mind. Donít just put keywords in the content hoping that it will rank highly in the search engines. Donít even think about article spinners. Ensure that your content will be valuable to someone else and not just garbled text.
  • Make sure that your images have descriptive and accurate ALT attributes. To check if images on your web page have ALT attributes set, use our Web Page Image ALT Checker tool.
  • Keep links on a page below 100. To count the total number of links in your web page size, use our Web Page Link Counter tool.

I will slowly apply these tips to web-backlinks.com. Eventually, I will also develop tools that will assist in determining if a certain tip is adhered to, so keep coming back to this space in order to get some handy hints and usefool online tools!

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